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Some web designers seem to get stuck in a rut where all their sites look "canned." CrimsonDryad offers unique, individualized sites customized to your needs. If you need specialized development to meet the needs of your business, CrimsonDryad can help.

Due to the confidential nature of some assignments, not all work performed by CrimsonDryad Web Design Services is available in this online portfolio. If you would like to review additonal material, please contact me.

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Recent Sites:
WaterWorks Manufacturing, LLC
Battles & Battles Tile of Tennessee
ZenTree Soaps
Marysville Goodies Galore
Galbury Meadows - Single Family Homes and Condominiums
The Lakes of Butler Farms - Adult Condominium Community
Wallpaper Border Discount Store - Developed with Phreshnet
Union County Computers - in process
Gates Landscape
The Ultimate Circle - A Circles Site
Steve Moore Homes - Custom Home Builder
Past Tense - Massage Therapist
Vassor Village Civic Association - Donated Community Web Site

This site provides Ohio homeowners with landscaping project ideas and information, including an extensive plant library, landscape photo gallery, and professional landscaper locator service. Provided hosting evaluation and setup, site design, graphics design including logo, database design, and coding. All information on this site is data driven.

New Age Mulch offers a new product called "rubber mulch," which is essentially automotive tires shredded and dyed to look like real wood landscaping mulch. Because many people have not heard of rubber mulch, the decision was made to make a closeup photo of the product part of the banner. has been updated over time. Both were clean, functional designs, but as time went on, this client needed to present more information on his home page, which required a redesign. Additional features added include: Self-administration, subdomains (ie to allow landscaping companies to purchase web site space without paying for separate web design services.

WebItWorld is a web hosting company branded around the idea of a play on words - "WebIt" for "Ribbit" - hence the frog based theme. Web hosting is a very competitive business and a unique perspective was needed to help this client stand out from the crowd. We created the entire site design, including the logo.

Wood Landscape is a prestigious landscaping company in Columbus, OH. The banner was created by carefully selecting from photos provided by the client and analyzing the colors to create a rich, elegant look. This site was a temporary redesign to prepare Wood for the busy summer season. Plans for a larger site are in the works.
Site Designed Under Subontract for

Reparer Day Spa has a philosophy of healing both the body and spirit. This client wanted a clean, elegant web site that would be easy to maintain. All services listed on this site are data driven and easily updated through a custom admin interface. Provided site design, graphics design including logo, database design, and all coding.

John Rickenbacker, the owner of Rick's Broadway Wash and Lube, came to us with a list of several competitor's sites and his logo. The red, black, and yellow of his logo are strong colors and must be used sparingly on a web site. To keep the site light, we brought in a watery blue and added bubbles to the banner to help emphasize to the site visitor what Rick's primary business is...washing cars.
Site Designed Under Subontract for

This purpose of the UMTeam site is to provide UltimateMatch representatives with the tools to grow their team. This site is heavily modeled on the UltimateMatch web site to help identify this team as an UltimateMatch team. This site is currently under construction, but plans eventually include an audio message on the home page, multi-role member registration and administration, and more.

Gingerich offers recycled-oil burners to commercial clients such as oil change shops, trucking companies, and more. The flaming banner and the brown color scheme represent the oil burning capacity.
Site Designed Under Subontract for Phreshnet

Diamonds are the theme for the Wagner Insurance site, based on their logo. Using one consistent element throughout the site helps to create a clean, visually appealing look and feel. The photos in the central diamond represent the people Wagner insures...often families with children or small businesses who need help wading through the labyrinth of health insurance plans.
Site Designed Under Subontract for Phreshnet

Arlington Video Productions is a local Columbus, OH company specializing in corporate training and seminar videos, legal videos, and special events. This was a complete site design overhaul. The previous design was visually unappealing and difficult to navigate. The new site has easy-to-use navigation and information organized in logical groupings. It also includes meta tags, which help search engines find your site.

Brake Xperts is an auto repair center located in Greenville, SC. This location was a franchise and the owners were unhappy with the corporate web site. Provided hosting evaluation/setup, domain name registration, site and coding design.

This was a proposal done for Oakleaf Deli, a cafeteria located in north Columbus. The menu is data driven and updated via an admin interface. Provided graphic design including logo, website design, database design and all coding.

The NapaFrankfort site is currently under construction. This site is meant to a resource center for commercial customers to obtain data such as events and links to manufacturer specifications in addition to retail customers.

This was a site dedicated to online gaming I created for a friend. He discovered after we started building the site that his gaming was taking too much time from his family, so unfortunately the site was not finished.

Business Logos and Graphics


Purer Air
This logo was designed for a customer who sells home air cleaners and purifiers.

See logos on sites above:
- WebItWorld - NapaFrankfort - UMTeam - New Age Mulch -

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